December 16, 2019

WDHC 264: Anthony Scaramucci Explains It All

This week Jason talks to former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci and they have a lot to talk about. Anthony talks about his public falling out with his former friend, President Donald J. Trump, what DJ Trump might add to the White House, were there any dangerous animals on Celebrity Big Brother, what his favorite size window is and more! Then another returning guest, comedian Nicole Tran, talks about her friendship with recent guest, 78 year old comedian Pat Griffin, what Christmas was like growing up in Vietnam and the longest amount of time that she's thought about pencils. The podcast's official weatherman Frankie MacDonald gives you the weather and much more!

December 09, 2019

WDHC 263: Dan "The Beast" Severn Returns!

This week Jason bumps the announced guest, former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci, to talk to UFC Hall of Famer, Dan "The Beast" Severn. They talk about Dan bagging groceries, boxing kangaroos, pro wrestling and they play a game called "you or unicorn". The Mooch promises to be on next week...if possible. Then the pocast's official weatherman and YouTube sensation Frankie MacDonald gives you the latest on the weather. All of that and more on this weeks WDHC!

December 02, 2019

WDHC 262: Jason Apologizes

This week Jason talks to 78 year old comedian Pat Griffin. She talks about a recent car accident that she had, her friendship with recent guest Nicole Tran, plays a game and more. There is a song by Mike Phirman called "One for Them & One for Me". Then Frankie MacDonald gives you this week's weather and a whole lot of other stuff. 

November 25, 2019

WDHC 261: Thanksgiving 2019

Jason celebrates Thanksgiving with friends and family of the podcast. First up is comedian Darren Carter who talks about Cracker Barrel, if we should change the main course of Thanksgiving to something bigger and they sing a traditional Thanksgiving song. Listener John the Songman returns to sing a few songs and plays a game. Then Frankie MacDonald gives you the weather for the week and tells some jokes. Jason ends the show with the strange days of the week, some info on upcoming episodes and a song by Nicole Tran. 

November 18, 2019

WDHC 260: Andy Erikson Has Never Been Asked That

This week Jason talks to one of the finalists from NBC's Last Comic Standing season nine and a cast member of Fox's Scream Queens, Andy Erikson. Andy starts out by telling the hilarious origins of how she got her last name, if there were any dangerous animals backstage on the shows that she worked on, a story about Billie Lorde and much more! Frankie MacDonald gives you this week's weather and a warning about Black Friday. Then Jason gives an update on some stuff going on around his house. 

November 11, 2019

WDHC 259: Eleven Eleven

This week Jason talks to frequent guest Elena Davies. They talk about the price of mechanical pencils in today's marketplace, Elena answers a question from last week's guest and they talk about the man who made songs about Elena. There's an ad for Elena's upcoming reality show and a song by listener John the Songman. Then Frankie MacDonald calls in to give you this week's weather, Jason talks about more haunted happenings around his house and breaks downs the strange days for the week. 

November 04, 2019

WDHC 258: Lost In Nicole Translation

This week Jason talks to a first time guest, comedian Nicole Tran. Despite Jason thinking that she's German, Nicole is actually from Vietnam. They talk about her growing up there, what it was like moving to America and how things have been going for her in the USA. Frankie MacDonald returns to give you this week's weather and gives some very exciting news concerning Facebook. 

October 28, 2019

WDHC 257: Mikey Squash Seed

This week Jason goes old school and talks to long time guest, comedian Mike Canestaro. They talk about a man who is living on a roof until the Bengals win a game, Jason going water skiing in his yard (kinda), pumpkins and a lot more. Then Frankie MacDonald breaks down this week's weather, plays Trick or Tweet and has a lot to warn you about. 

October 14, 2019

WDHC 256: Uno Dos Tarot

This week Jason is joined by comedian and paranormal investigator Karen Rontowski. They talk about Karen's most recent tarot reading on the podcast, people who REALLY love ghosts and more. John the Songman sent in a song just for Karen. The podcast's official weatherman Frankie MacDonald talks about the weather for the week and Thanksgiving in Canada. There's a segment by the Wood Enthusiasts. Jason talks about some upcoming guests and the strange days for this week.

October 07, 2019

WDHC 255: Presidential Candidate Ben Gleib's Peaceful Protest Crime Spree

This week Jason talks to Presidential candidate Ben Gleib. Things start off a little rocky between the two when Jason knows more about Ben's former game show, Idiotest, than Ben does. Then Jason tries to get to the real reason Ben wants to eliminate pork from bills in Congress, his recent arrest, why he really went to speech therapy and much, much more. 

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