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We Don't Have Cookies host Jason Marshall was born and raised in Ohio and has always loved making people laugh. Jason first tried his hand at comedy at Wiley's Comedy Club in Dayton, Ohio on June 10, 2013. He has sporadically done so ever since.  


Jason was first on the radio on 106.9 WWSU on March 11, 2015. It was so much fun he was brought back week later, eventually leading to Jason being asked to co-host of a show. The same month of Jason's first radio appearance he began writing for the tv show Characters Anonymous, unfortunately the show never aired. In June, he was included in the book "I Probably Screwed You Too, The Mostly True Stories Of Kenny Bolin" written by Kenny Bolin a former professional wrestling manager of over 20 years. In late July Jason recorded the first episode of We Don't Have Cookies and the show was born.

Frankie MacDonald

Frankie MacDonald is the official weatherman of the podcast as of October 8th 2018. From Sydney, Nova Scotia, Frankie updates the world on the weather from his YouTube channel which has over 177K subscribers. He has had numerous viral videos and has also appeared on Tosh.0 on Comedy Central. He also includes comedy and dancing videos on his YouTube channel which you can visit by clicking here

Mike Phirman

Mike Phirman provides music for the podcast. He is a singer, actor, assistant director and one half of the musical comedy duo Hard 'n Phirm with Chris Hardwick. He has performed to sold-out crowds at such top venues as the Improv, the Punch Line, the Montreal Comedy Festival, Coachella and South-by-Southwest music festivals, and Seattle's highly-celebrated Bumbershoot Festival, sharing the stage with stars like Tenacious D, Sarah Silverman, and Flight of the Conchords. He had a half-hour comedy special, Comedy Central Presents: Hard N Phirm which was a huge hit.

Arrogant Worms

The Arrogant Worms (Mike McCormick, Chris Patterson and Trevor Strong) are a comedy band from Ontario, Canada and provide music for the podcast. They started the band in 1991 and since then have released 14 albums. The band has played on three continents to crowds as large as 100,000 and were recognized in 2003 as the Touring Act of the Year by the Canadian Arts Presenters Association. Their songs are in school lesson plans, in textbooks and even played on the Space Shuttle. On earth or in space, everyone digs these Worms. Nearly a quarter century after they began, The Arrogant Worms continue to provide tuneful and silly escapism for everyone who needs it. And if you think you don’t need it, well you’re wrong. You do. You can check out their website by clicking here and like their Facebook page by clicking here.

Trevor Strong

Trevor Strong is 1/3rd of the Arrogant Worms but also sings solo songs. He also writes stuff and teaches things. To learn more about him visit his website by clicking here.

Larry & Gary, The Wood Enthusiasts

Larry and Gary, the Wood Enthusiasts, are two Canadians who are really into all things wood and have their own segment on the podcast but also call in to quiz guests. In addition to being part of the WDHC family, they have their own podcast called the Wood Enthusiasts that you can hear by clicking here. If that weren't enough, they also have a very entertaining YouTube channel that you can visit by clicking here. Last but not least, like them on Facebook by clicking here.

John the Songman

John Garabedian, aka John the Songman, is a listener of the show who started sending in songs for the members of the We Don't Have Cookies family. Jason found them so entertaining that he made him part of the crew in June of 2018. Now John makes his very unique songs a couple of times a month for the guests of the podcast. John is also a pro wrestling fan and can be found on Facebook by clicking here.

@JohnGsongman on Twitter

Fran Kissling

Fran Kissling is a Swiss comedian who currently resides in the UK. She started her comedy career with one goal in mind, to raise awareness of Switzerland and she describes her act as "an introduction to Switzerland for beginners". She finds out how Swiss the guests on the podcast are by giving them the "Swiss quiz" and give updates on her progress of raising awareness.

Comedian and tarot card reader Karen Rontowski is the official psychic of the podcast. She has been on the Late Show with David Letterman, Live at Gotham, and Comics unleashed as well as Ghost Hunters and Mysteries of the Unexplained as a paranormal investigator. Karen travels around the world doing what she loves (comedy, tarot & paranormal investigating) but she always makes time for the podcast. Karen also has her own podcasts, Karen & Kira Can Read, which you can listen to by clicking here, as well as Paranormal Karen, which you can listen to by clicking here. She also has a webseries on YouTube that you can watch by clicking here. If you are interested in a tarot reading go to her website by clicking here, click the "tarot" tab and use promo code "WDHC10" at checkout!

Dan "The Beast" Severn

UFC Hall of Famer Dan Severn is the bailiff for the Marshall Law episodes. Law and order reigns in the courtroom with Dan keeping the peace. He has an official UFC Record of 70-13-7 (W-L-D) and a professional MMA Record of 101-19-7. Along with being a UFC Hall of Famer, he is also a former UFC Superfight Champion and is the only triple crown UFC champion in the sport today. He has won two eight-man tournaments and “The Ultimate Ultimate 1996”, which pitted champions and runner-ups against each another to determine the true champion of the sport. He currently spends his time training people at the Michigan Sports Camp training facility. Like his fan page on Facebook by clicking here and the Michigan Sports Camp training facility by clicking here.

Sam Dealey

Sam Dealey is the very talented cartoonist who created the cover art the podcast. His goal is to create laughter for a better world. You can see more of his work on his website by clicking here. Like his page on Facebook by clicking here. Follow him on Twitter by clicking here. Support him on Patreon by clicking here. Become a Woohooligan!

In Memory of Mark Ofuji

Mark Ofuji was a stand up comedian in Los Angeles, California. He did the "First Impression" segment and was a part of the podcast since the very first episode. Mark was also an impressionist, actor and bodybuilder. He was in many movies, most notably "Letters From Iwo Jima", as well as several television shows. Mark was also infamously on America's Got Talent, which you can see by clicking here, garnering national attention. Unfortunately, Mark passed away in a motorcycle accident in June 2017. He was loved by everybody who knew him and will be greatly missed. 

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