We Don't Have Cookies is a laid back entertainment and comedy podcast hosted by radio personality and occasional comedian Jason Marshall in Dayton, Ohio. Jason talks with guests each week about strange news stories from around the world and life in general with guest segments from people a wide variety of people. Usually the guests are comedians but there have been UFC Hall of Famers, Big Brother contestants, filmmakers, pro wrestlers and friends on as well. There are also special episodes like This Month's Dumbass of the Year, the comedic court show Marshall Law, stand up shows and others. The podcast is available on all podcast platforms as well as some radio stations. Subscribe to the show, join the community and tell your friends!

Latest Episode

This week Jason talks to frequent guest Elena Davies. They talk about the price of mechanical pencils in today's marketplace, Elena answers a question from last week's guest and they talk about the man who made songs about Elena. There's an ad for Elena's upcoming reality show and a song by listener John the Songman. Then Frankie MacDonald calls in to give you this week's weather, Jason talks about more haunted happenings around his house and breaks downs the strange days for the week. 

WDHC 259: Eleven Eleven

Video Of The Week

Frankie's Asteroid Warning!!


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