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We Don't Have Cookies is a laid back, absurdist comedy podcast hosted by former radio personality and comedian Jason Marshall. Guests range from comedians to UFC hall of famers to reality show stars to friends. The show has a cast of characters who pop in, like the podcast's official weatherman Frankie MacDonald. You never know what is going to happen on this show Subscribe today, join the community and tell your friends!

Latest Episode

THE PODCAST IS BACK!!! Voice of the show and reality tv star, Kat Dunn stops by but thinks Jason is trolling her. Superfan Chris Doyle joins the show to talk about how Irish he is. Then everybody's favorite weatherman, Frankie MacDonald gives you this week's weather.

WDHC 284: Saint Patrick's Day Miracle

Video Of The Week

Frankie Tries to Eat 50 Broccoli Burgers


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